schanz. restaurant.
Bahnhofstraße 8a, 54498 Piesport Rutas
Francesa moderna,Creativa
  • Tres estrellas MICHELIN: una cocina única. ¡Justifica el viaje! ¡La firma de un gran chef! productos de excepción, sabores puros y marcados, equilibrio en las composiciones: aquí la cocina está al nivel de arte. Los platos, perfectamente acabados se transforman a menudo en clásicos.

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  • Francesa moderna
  • Creativa
  • Aire acondicionado
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  • Instalaciones adaptadas para personas con movilidad reducida
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You would not necessarily expect to find such a first-class restaurant in tranquil Piesport. It is thanks to Thomas Schanz that this small town on the Moselle, already known for its excellent wines, has also become a mecca for foodies. With his own distinctive style, he puts a modern spin on classic cuisine, harmoniously combining bold flavours. He is uncompromising when it comes to the quality of his ingredients. One signature dish not to be missed is the truffle egg; another tempting option is the wild turbot, garnished with rings of green apple and cream, accompanied by pralines of poached lettuce with a pistachio filling, complemented by the exquisite acidity of a wonderfully powerful blossom and hay infusion. The team are dedicated to recommending just the right wine to you – including bottles from their own winery. Thomas Schanz is not only a trained chef but a hotelier as well, and there are lovely guestrooms in the hotel he has taken over from his parents.


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