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Gilles Goujon, sometimes dubbed the innkeeper of the Corbières, is credited with putting the tiny village of Fontjoncouse (in the Aude département) on the map of French high-end gastronomy. His trademark? Sincerity and expertise. As his regulars know, he puts his heart and soul into every dish. Goujon has no equal when it comes to taking a back seat to the ingredient and letting it do the talking in all its simplicity – the mark of the greats. We will just mention one creation that is not to be missed: his egg filled with melanosporum truffle and served with mushroom purée, foamy truffle emulsion, warm brioche bun and velouté. This is the superstar dish of the house, and rightly so! The rest of the meal is in the same vein, namely precise and confident, meticulous and generous, never showy: culinary excellence, quite simply.
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